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In the posterior region of the upper jaw, the maxillary sinuses are close to the dental roots. In some cases, such as when the waiting time is too long between tooth extraction and placement of implants, the bone is resorbed and the available height below the sinus has decreased making impossible to place an implant at this level. A sinus-lift is then necessary beforehand or during the placement of the implant.

This procedure involves making a bone window at the level of the maxillary sinus to place biosynthetic bone powder under the sinus membrane. The height of the sinus is so raised (reason why this technique is called “sinus-lift”). New bone is thus created to put dental implants at this level.


Dr. Oth performs his sinus lifts with the technique of piezosurgery. A piezoelectric surgical motor creates a surgical cut with vibration only. That avoids damage to the sinus membrane and therefore reduces complications postoperatively. This technique also allows less swelling and reduces postoperative pain.